Before the war between Ukraine/Russia.

Most of the outdoor customers use 20A MPPT pv charge controller as the solar charger from PV panel such as 150W ~200W, this choice basically satisfy their power consumption daily, and there is also a DC/DC charger in their motorhome/van to charge the life batteries when driving, so it's enough energy storage for DC/AC applicances such as microoven,electric frying pan, coffee maker,etc.

After the war began.

The cost of gasoline and city power is increasing too much, and food cost as well. so people wants to get more solar energy to charge to their life batteries. more solar panels can generate more energy to charge the life batteries. now most of them double the solar panel up to 400W~600W, so regulator mppt 40a ~ 60A is needed, the price between 20A and 40A is only a small cake.and the volume for them is also small difference, so it's ok to install in vehilces or carry it to anywhere.40A ~ 60A MPPT charge controller is with higher VOC for solar panel, it supports more quantity connected in series or parallel.   

The war is ongoing and intensifying.

The cost of living remains high, more people is going to enlarge their solar system by adding more solar panels & batteries, bigger MPPT solar charge controller & solar DC/AC inverter. the investment will be refund day by day and users can profit from the fifth year. there is no eletrical difference for powering by city power or solar energy. but frankly, we hope the war ends soon, may the dead people RIP, god bless the earth and human beings.


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