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Zhejiang Carspa New Energy Co.ltd
Founded in 2005, is a manufacturer of various inverters , solar charge controller, photovoltaic off-grid system, battery charger and UPS power supply, dc converter, and other high-tech photovoltaic products.
We have produced many different kinds of modified sine wave (CAR, MS, PID) and pure sine wave power inverter (P, SK, PX), With parameter adjusting can meet with different using request, such as for car, for truck, for home, for RV, for Marine etc.
We also have powerful technology support on the charger production. Starting from 3 stage battery charger to 7 stage battery charger, now produce PBC series dc car charger can charge the battery by solar panel, extra battery, car engine.

18 years experience teach Carspa should always make benefit to the customers with good quality and price. With professional products and rapid service, Carspa has got good reputation on the global market.
Multiple international certifications
Two year warranty
Any problems caused by product quality
problems enjoy a 2-year warranty.
With the newest automatic production line and strict quality control, we will keep providing the good products to clients.

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