Carspa dc to dc power supply converter regulator
Carspa has many different kinds of dc power regulator. For CNT series is known as converter dc24v to dc12v. SUT series is power supply from high voltage to low voltage, such as DC24V to dc12v, dc36v to dc12v. Carspa is focused to be power supply manufacture on providing different range voltage regulator.
Negative Voltage Booster
24V to 12V negative booster
CNT series voltage negative booster

24V To 12V negative booster

Positive Voltage Booster
12V to 24V positive booster
CARSPA SUT voltage booster

12V To 24V positive booster

Principle of converter and booster

The DCDC converter is to repeatedly switch on and off, convert the DC voltage or current into a high-frequency square wave voltage or current, and then rectify and smooth it into a DC voltage output. The DCDC converter is generally composed of a control chip, an inductor coil, a diode, a triode, and a capacitor. DCDC converters are divided into three categories: boost DCDC converters, step-down DCDC converters, and buck-boost DCDC converters. Three types of control can be used according to requirements. The PWM control type is highly efficient and has good output voltage ripple and noise.

What is difference between booster and converter

The fundamental difference between booster and converter is how they work. A booster increases the dc power supply voltage while a converter reduces the do power regulator voltage.

  • How it works

Converter steps down the input voltage applied to the primary winding.
Booster increases the input voltage applied in the primary winding.

  • Voltage-current

The input voltage of the secondary side of the converter is high, the output voltage is low, and the current is large.
The secondary side of the booster has low input voltage, high output voltage and low current.

  • Conductor size

The secondary winding of the converter consists of thick insulated copper wire.
The primary winding of the booster consists of thick insulated copper wire.

How to choose a converter or booster

Check the voltage of the power supply and load
Check the load rated power 


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