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"Carspa has two kinds of off grid solar system for selection. First is to build the system with sepearated solar charge controller, better off grid inverter and charger with UPS function (MPPT+P OR MPPT+CPS), the 2nd solution is to use hybrid inverter KS or MKS. For example 1kva solar system, you could choose MPPT2420, P1000, you could also choose MKS1K."

AC 400W-2000W Power System

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The princinple of the off grid solar system

The off-grid solar power generation system uses solar panels to convert solar energy into electrical energy when there is light, and supplies power to the load through the solar charge and discharge controller, while charging the battery; in cloudy weather or no light, the solar charge and discharge control The inverter supplies power to the DC load from the battery pack, and the battery also directly supplies power to the independent inverter, which is converted into AC power through the independent inverter to supply power to the AC load.

How to build your better off grid pv system 


-Check the efficient sunshine time of your district, consider of the winter and cloudy time,  suggest will be consider as 6 hours.
-Check the load power and type, it will decide the choosing of inverter
-Check the using time, it will be decide how many battery you will need.
-After knowing the using time and power, you could select the solar charge controller and PV panel.

For example:

1000w off grid solar system
-Chariging time: 6 hours
-Using time: 4 hours
-power inverter: 1000w, 24V
-Battery 4000wh/0.8(systme losing dfficinecy)/0.7( battery efficiency)/24=300Ah
-Solar charge controller 300AH/6h/(charging efficiency)=60A/H, choose MPPT2460
-Solar panel: 34.4v*60a=2064w, 200w*10pcs solar panel 


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