MPPT solar charge controllers are applicated for all solar systems,for maintaining stable output voltage to charge and protect batteries.

Our MPPT 12V/24V/36V/48V full range 20A to 60A solar power regulator, Esmart series solar charge controller is a versatile controller for use in solar systems with an integrated LCD display, that is designed to charge Lithium/Lead acid batteries! This solar controller accepts either 12V 24V 36V 48V input from solar panels and can handle up to 60 Amps. 

There is the display, control mode,  the mode of connection,can quickly track the maximum power point of PV array, and improve the utilization of solar energy.

While 36-volt battery systems are not as common as 24-volt or 48-volt systems, but the Esmart MPPT solar power regulator supports 36V, support max.150V PV Input, battery type support LiFePO4, Lead-acid Battery. It's well used in off grid home system, solar project,marine, golf carts, and other applications.

On the controller, users can set date and time, set up to display daily, monthly or total power generation and electricity consumption, load switch mode, battery type can be set.Support the RS485 communication for PC software monitoring and WiFi module to realize APP cloud monitoring.It has a Bluetooth function included to monitor the working status of the controller and its whole system. The Bluetooth adapter is used to extend Bluetooth communication function of the Bluetooth module. Mobile phone app can be used for wireless monitoring, parameters setting, and data view.


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