PV Tool Items

Carspa solar pv tools include the pv tool kit battery monitoring system solar dc cable
Carspa solar pv tool include the Toolkit series pv tool kit, BM series lithium battery monitoring system, SMC seies PV connector, PCS series solar dc cable and IVT series two way switch

Solar PV Tool Kits

PV Connector And Cable

Before installation your own pv system, the following solar pv tools are recommended.

Toolkit-01 is very convenient full set with most tools pacakged in one bag. It include A-2546B solar cable crimper with locator, Hex wrench, LA-2546B solar cable stripper, WX-206 solar cable cutter, MC3 solar Dies Set, Solar connecter spanner, Straight Screwdriver, Cross screwdriver.

The solar dc cable and pv connector will be used for the connection of the battery and solar panel.

You could choose different diameter and length. For example PCS610 is pv cable with SMC4 with 6^mm diameter with 10cm length. For the PV connectors, we have SMC4, SMC4Y, SMC3, SMC3, SMC4-1Y, SMC4-2Y, SMC4-3Y, SMC4-4Y

BM series is battery monitor can check your battery situation, it can used in the lithium battery monitoring system, also the lead acid battery, it can read the battery capacity and charging and current.

For IVT is two way switch, it has two way input, one is AC, the other is inverter input, when AC power is on, you can use AC power, when AC power is off, you can use inverter power.


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