After Sale

All the products we sell have a two-year after-sales warranty, and the warranty period is not calculated from the date of delivery, but from the date of the arrival of the goods to the port, providing customers with sufficient quality assurance.

During the warranty period,When the products have any quality problems, you could contact us in any way you like,such as Wechat,Email,Skype,Whatsapp or any other communication tools, and provide the serial number of the relevant product, which will help us to better serve you.And our after-sales engineer team will provide you with professional after-sales guidance and suggestions at any time.

Any product you buy from CARSPA has a 2-year and 2-months warranty period. Once the quality problem occurs due to non-human damage or non-force majeure factors within the warranty period, we will give you the following 5 after-sales service methods.

Cargo compensation

Before the order is placed, the customer can choose whether to offset the after-sales risk by means of goods compensation, that is, 1% of the total number of pieces of the order (if 1000 pieces are purchased, then will compensation 10 pieces), and the subsequent after-sales problems will be solved by the customer.

Remote Guidance

When we determine the cause of the problem through remote communication, and the problem can be repaired by conventional methods,We will send the key components of the product to your area by logistics, and help you repair the product through remote guidance.

Factory Repair

When we can't fix the problem through conventional methods, or can't determine the cause of the problem through remote communication,You can send the damaged goods back by logistics, we will inspect and repair them in the factory, and send them to you again after the completion.

Door to Door

When we can't fix the problem through conventional methods, or can't determine the cause of the problem through remote communication,We will send a professional technical team to your area to repair the problem.

Discount Compensation

When we determine that the product you purchased has a large number of quality problems caused by non-human damage factors within the warranty period,If you do not need us to provide repair services, we will reduce your next order of goods by 1% of the total amount as discount compensation to you.


Please assist the seller to complete the warranty certificate, ask for the official purchase invoice and keep it properly, and be sure to bring it with you every time you receive service! If you cannot present the official purchase invoice, valid warranty certificate or the information recorded is inconsistent with the faulty equipment, or is altered, blurred or unrecognizable, the warranty service period of the faulty equipment will be represented by the product serial number The production date of the product is extended by one month as the starting time.

The following situations are not covered by the warranty:

1. The warranty period and free maintenance period have been exceeded;

2. There is no formal purchase invoice and valid warranty certificate (except for those still within the warranty period based on the product serial number);

3. The serial number recorded on the altered warranty certificate or the warranty certificate does not match the product itself;

4. Damage caused by failure to use, maintain and store the product in accordance with the requirements of the product;

5. Human-induced damage;

6. Damage caused by force majeure;

7. Service personnel, repair, alteration, modification or disassembly not authorized by our company;

Our company is not responsible for special, incidental or consequential damages to users and distributors.

We are not legally responsible for incidental or consequential damages or loss or damage to expected benefits or profits, work stoppage or data loss or damage caused by the use or inability to use the product.

During the warranty period, our company provides free maintenance services, and the freight is borne by the customer.


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