Inverter With Charger

Carspa UPS and CPS converter as ac backup power inverter for home
Carspa UPS and CPS converter both are uninterruptible power source(U.P.S), which is perfect combination with high efficiency inverter, auto bypass circuit with IVT switch and a fully auto battery charger. They can be used as ac backup power inverter for home
CARSPA UPS inverter with charger

600W-3000W Modified Sine Wave Inverter With Charger

CARSPA CPS series inverter with charger

600W-2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter With Charger

Principle of UPS

When the public power is off, it supports the electrical appliance with power from battery by converting dc to ac.
When the public power on, it auto switches to main AC power and charge the battery at same time with 3 stage (constant current, constant voltage, floating). The transfer time can be chosen between 25ms and 500ms.

What is difference between CPS and UPS

CPS is pure sine wave power inverter with charger with item No.: CPS600, CPS1000, CPS2000
UPS is modified sine wave power inverter with charger with item No: UPS600, UPS1000, UPS1500, UPS2000, UPS3000.

How to choose a UPS

Most electrical tools, appliances and audio/video equipment have labels that indicate the power consumption in amps or watts. Be sure that the power consumption of the item you wish to operate is rated within UPS Wattage or less. (f the power consumption is rated in amps AC, simply multiply by the AC volts to determine the wattage ). The UPS ( inverter mode ) will shut down if it is overload. The overload must be removed before the UPS restart. Resistive loads are the easiest for the UPS to run. However, larger resistive loads, such as electric stoves or heaters, usually require more wattage than the inverter can deliver. Inductive loads, such as TV's and stereos, require more current to operate than do resistive loads of the same wattage rating. Induction motors, as well as some televisions, may require 2 to 6 times their wattage rating to start up. The most demanding in the category are those that start under load, such as compressors and pumps. Testing is the only definitive way to determine whether a specific load it can run. To restart the unit after a shutdown due to overloading, remove the overload if necessary turn the power switch OFF then ON.


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