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Carspa inverter dc to ac high frequency pure sine wave or modified sine wave converter can be used for emergency
Inverter, a kind of converter which can change dc to ac has been used widely in many circumstances such as emergency power for car, household, camping. Disdinguished by transformer, the inverter can be divided in to high frequency and low frequency. Carspa modified sine wave type and pure sine wave type are both high frequency inverter.
Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Pure sine wave inverters are capable of producing cleaner, smoother, quieter, and more reliable electricity to operate appliances and electronics without interference.
CARSPA P series power inverter

150W-4000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

CARSPA SKD series power inverter

700W-3000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

CARSPA PX series power inverter

500W-3000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Modified Sine Wave Inverter
Modified sine wave inverters are a cost effective choice to run appliances and equipment that is less sensitive to power fluctuations, such as lights and some tools.
CAR series power inverter

75W-5000W Modified Sine Wave Inverter

CARSPA PI power inverter

120W-600W Modified Sine Wave Inverter

CARSPA MSD power inverter

300W-2500W Modified Sine Wave Inverter

Principle of high frequency inverter There are two working stages in the dc to ac process.

The first stage: It is a DC to DC conversion process that raises the lower voltage DC at the inverter input to 300volts DC.
The second stage: It Is a actual inverter stage that convert the high 110 voltage DC Into 110volts or 220 volts AC (ms). The DC to DC convert stage uses modem high frequency power conversion techniques that have replaced the bulky transformers found in less technology-advanced models. The inverter stage uses advanced power MOSFET transistors in a full bridge configuration.

What is the difference between pure sine wave and modified find sine wave inverter' 

CAR, PID, MS/MSD series inverter is known as "modified sine wave", P, PX SK series inverter is pure sine wave"

  • Modified sine wave is more economic than pure sine wave inverter when work with resistance load 
  • Compared to modified sine wave, there is very little harmonic distortion in pure sine wave inverter which can lower down the risk of damage to your sensitive appliances. These device with control circuits are very sensitive to the phase of speed/voltage control or instantaneous zero voltage crossing (for timing control), such as capacitive load and inductive load. For pure sine wave inverter has so many advantages, so it can be used as emergency inverter and car dc to ac converter  

How to choose power inverter:
In photovoltaic off-grid systems, the power of the off-grid inverter is usually determined according to the customer's load type and power.
The loads starting power should be taken into account when estimating the power of the inverter.

Loads can be divided into resistive loads, capacitive loads and inductive loads 

Resistive load: The load with no voltage phase difference is a resistive load, such as rice cooker, light bulb, electric furnace, electric ferrochrome, etc.
The load power can be same as inverter rated power.

Capacitive load: When current ahead there will be voltage phase difference is a capacitive load, such as compensation capacitors, computers, TVs, etc.
The load starting power needs 2-4 times of inverter surge power.

Inductive load: When current lag there will be voltage phase difference is an inductive load, such as washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, water pumps, range hoods and other loads with motors, transformers, relays, compressors, etc. The load starting power needs 5-7 times of the inverter surge power.


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