Regulated Power Supply

Carspa all electronic power supply as device to convert ac to dc
"Carspa has all electronic power supply with following series: HS, LPV, DR, SC series HS Series Single Output ac to dc converter device switching Power Supply LPV Series Waterproof LED device to converter ac to dc Switching Power Supply DR series DIN Rail electronic Power Supply SC series Security Power Supply with UPS function"

10W-500W Switching Power Supply

12W-250W Switching Power Supply

Principle of the switching power supply

After the AC voltage is rectified and filtered by the rectifier circuit and the filter circuit, it becomes a DC voltage with a certain pulsating component. The voltage enters the high-frequency converter and is converted into a square wave of the required voltage value. Finally, the square wave voltage is rectified and filtered. to the required DC voltage. The control circuit is a pulse width modulator, which is mainly composed of a sampler, a comparator, an oscillator, a pulse width modulation and a reference voltage circuit. This part of the circuit has been integrated at present, and various integrated circuits for switching power supplies have been made. The control circuit is used to adjust the switching time ratio of the high frequency switching element to achieve the purpose of stabilizing the output voltage.

What is the difference of the HS, LPV, DR AND SC series

HS series nearly can cover all power supply you need with item No. HS-15W, HS-25W, HS-35W, HS-50W, HS-60W, HS-75W, HS-100W, HS-120W, HS-150W, HS-250W, S-350W, S-400W, S-500W, S-600W   
LPV series is mostly used with LED with waterproof function with item No.: LPV-12W, LPV-20W, LPV-30W, LPV-50W, LPV-100W, LPV-120W, LPV-150W, LPV-200W, LPV-250W
DR series can be installed with din rail with item No.: DR-30W, DR-45W, DR-60W, DR-75W, DR-120W, DR-240W
SC series with ups function support the device with battery when AC is out with item No.: SC-35W, DC-60W, DC-120W

How to choose a switching power supply

1.    Check the AC voltage you have.
2.    Check the load power.
3.    Check the installation environment.


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