IVT Series Two Way Ac Input Switch Station

If you already have a inverter installed for your home or vehicle, and you want to use it as an alternative source for AC loads when 230V ac or 110V ac utility power is available, the 2 way power station switch is an ideal device to achieve this transfer function for priority power source.

2 way power station switch is an intelligent system that allows the use of the inverter and batteries only when it is really necessary. It is a management system of the 230V, useful when the plant has two power sources: external power supply and an inverter connected to the battery.

By connecting the two power sources to the input of the 2 way power station switch, the external power supply will always have priority.

There are two outputs, the first one connects all loads to be used only when external mains power is available, such as air conditioners, refrigerators and other big loads; the second output is dedicated to all the accessories that can be powered through the 230V sockets in the vehicle.

2 way power station switch can be used with any inverter with an output of not more than 3,000 Watts.

There is some other tips for using the 2 way power station switch

•   The switching station may only be connected to 230 V AC/50 Hz, not 110V ac /60Hz

•   Operate only inverters with safe electrical separation (galvanic separation) between input circuit (battery voltage) and output circuit (230 V).

•   Before installation ensure that the inverter output as well as 230 V AC mains supply are voltage free and equipped with a safety lock system to prevent unintentional start of the device.

•   Ensure that the connection cables are connected properly and have good contact, as loose contacts may cause smoldering fire.

•   Do not connect the neutral conductor on the consumer side to earth or protective earth conductor; as the consumer sockets in particular have no protective multiple earthing (i.e. connection of PE­grounding wire with the neutral connector).

•  The cross sections of the used cables must be selected and secured in compliance with applicable law.

•   It is not permissible to use the device for three-phase current.

The installation should only be carried out by persons having relevant professional skills. If there is any doubt, always contact an authorized expert. Use the clamps to connect the protective earth conductor. If the inverter has no earth connection, the battery terminal which is connected to earth must be connected to the protective earth conductor.

There is current 10A and 16A models with 230V ac/50Hz  for your choice at present, one is for 2000W inverter system max and the other is for 3000W inverter installation system. Please choose according to your system capacity.


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