The durability of photovoltaic cable depends on two aspects: on the one hand, it depends on the conductor itself, and on the other hand, it depends on the influence of the laying method. The laying method of the conductor includes construction. On the other hand, the selection of wire materials is a matter of constant concern. The selection of photovoltaic cables will affect our daily electricity use and life safety. So how should we choose photovoltaic cables? Next, here is example for high quality Cable analyzed and summarized for you.


Five points for selecting photovoltaic cable:

1. Length:

Many profiteering traitors will choose to cut corners in cable production. Obviously, the length of wires produced is far less than the promised length. Therefore, consumers must pay attention to whether the length is insufficient when selecting photovoltaic cables. You can cut a short section for weighing, and then weigh the overall mass. Whether the estimated length is proportional or not, and whether there is a big difference. Of course, the length can be estimated by calculating the number of coils, but I think the deviation will be greater.

2. Copper:

The quality can be judged by the color of copper core when purchasing. As a material, high-quality copper is reddish orange or purple. The purer the copper, the higher the conductivity.

3. Insulation protective layer:

Generally, the outer protective layer is made of PVC. In this regard, there is generally no jerry building. However, it should be noted that the protective layer may be damaged due to process or transportation problems. When purchasing, ensure that the outer layer is not damaged.

4. certification mark:

The PV wire and PV cable products with 3C national standard certification mark are the products with national mandatory safety certification. All manufacturers must obtain the "3C" certification and the "3C" certification mark from the China Electrotechnical Product Certification Commission. The certificate or product has the "3C" certification mark. Therefore, when purchasing photovoltaic wires, you must choose the wire products with 3C certification mark and better is “UL”, “VDE”, Only when the safety is guaranteed, there will be no subsequent greater safety accidents.

5. Product certificate:

The wire product certificate will be clearly printed with "3C", "UL" and other certification marks, trademarks, model specifications, rated voltage, length, inspection, production date, executive standards, factory name, factory address, telephone and other marks, and it will be clearly printed that if consistent with the product, these are the products produced by the regular manufacturer. You must carefully look at them when purchasing.


The PV cable is widely used with solar system including inverter and UPS, so choosing the high quality PV wire will improve your solar system’s safety grade and efficiency.


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