Solar DC Lighting System-SL Series 7Ah-45Ah

12V portable solar power kits off-grid power solutions solar energy system for home
DC 7Ah-45Ah Power System
During some extraordinary times, such as hot summer, some cities will suffer from insufficient power supply due to a large amount of electricity load, resulting in power outages.

So how do we deal with this situation?What if power failure at home?
Our company have provided a solution that off-grid 12V portable solar power kits for home,this kind of solar energy system could help us continue to charge our phones or use the USB light and other DC electrical appliances during a power failure,So that we don't end up in the dark or unable to use our phones because of a power outage.

When you need to go outside, you can also take this system to outdoor to use.

For example, if you are going camping,you can use this system to power your camp light and drive some mosquito repellent devices,of course you can also charge your phones.
Of course, many people will have other needs. For example, they need not only lighting and charging functions during a power outage, but also want to turn on the air conditioner or watch TV. When they go camping they also want to make a cup of coffee or watch a movie instead of just lighting a light, then we need SL AC from our company to implement these functions.


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