Arbor Day organizes employees to participate in volunteer activities

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The drizzle rested and the spring was full. On the afternoon of March 11, Zhao Hongliang, the chairman of the group, together with a group of more than 10 people from the management department and the domestic sales department, took time out of their busy schedule and rushed to the beautiful countryside located in Yongxing Street. The "Embrace Spring, Love the Green and Protect the Green" tree-planting festival jointly sponsored by Hunan Chamber of Commerce and Yongxing Sub-district Commission for Discipline Work. Leaders such as Secretary Chen Lijun of the Disciplinary Committee of Yongxing Street, Jiang Moyun, Chairman of Wenzhou Hunan Chamber of Commerce, and Executive Secretary Mr. Ye Shoujian, went to the beautiful rural tree planting base, and joined the volunteers of Saint-Prince and Principe to add new green to the earth and participated in the enthusiastic tree planting .

The road is rugged and the weather is slightly cold in spring, but it can't stop the high spirits of the people of Shengpu in planting trees. After everyone arrived at the site, they first understood the situation of the tree planting site, learned about the tree planting process and precautions, and then everyone picked up shovel, gloves and other tree planting tools. "The space should be evenly spaced and arranged in a line. Plant a tree about one meter per meter." "After cultivating the soil, it should be compacted a little bit." Everyone started to sum up experience and became more and more skilled. Compared with previous tree planting activities, this year's tree planting tasks are much heavier. More than 300 tree seedlings lie evenly along the road for more than one mile waiting to be "entered". Under Zhao's call and setting an example, the volunteers of Shengpu and Principe carried forward the spirit of the "Hunan Army" of the new era. They worked like a tiger. Everyone rolled up their sleeves and did it. Everyone was so busy and sweaty. After nearly two hours of hard work After hard work, the planting of all the saplings was finally successfully completed. While sowing the greenery, looking at the saplings planted by themselves, everyone’s faces were filled with happy smiles, spreading the concept of loving green and protecting green with enthusiasm, and practicing the responsibility of loving green and protecting green with action.

After the event, everyone took a glorious group photo in front of the fruits of their labor, and they all showed gratified and satisfied smiles. This tree planting activity effectively greened the scenery of the Wuxi section of the Ningbo-Dongguan Expressway and contributed to the coastal flood prevention and typhoon prevention work. Shengpu Group always adheres to the green environmental protection concept of "planting trees and afforestation, everyone is responsible", keeping in mind the social responsibility and public welfare of Shengpu people, and spare no effort to build a low-carbon society. Through tree planting activities, not only a good environment of green and environmental protection is created within the group, but also the collaboration ability and team culture of the people of Shengpu are strengthened, and it has set an example for continuing to do a good job in production and operation.


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> Arbor Day organizes employees to participate in volunteer activities

The drizzle rested and the spring was full. On the afternoon of March 11, Zhao Hongliang, the chairman of the group, together with a group of more than 10 people fro...

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