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First part of SCI solar system to Saudi Arabia sent to Ningbo port

  • 2017/7/28 15:42:42
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It just like a puzzle. When it has been solved, all great efforts you have spent are worthy, today we will load a 20 container abroad. Shon has successfully sent his second batch order from a Dubai customer, and it will be sold to Saudi Arabia.

In the hot afternoon on July 27th, several workers load the goods into a 20GP container with the help of forklift. 

Here are just 20 sets among the total 164 sets. 

SCI solar system is a complete solar system with built-in power inverter, solar charge controller, battery with installed connection. It is movable and easy to operate for the terminal users.

After strict factory inspection, product tests, this Dubai customer choose the CARSPA as their best partner.

High standard electrical protections of CARSPA power inverter
Contrast on SL series solar lighting system