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CARSPA inverter & solar charge controller application highway road network & municipal traffic monitoring power supply system

  • 2018/7/12 8:40:01
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Recently, Zhejiang CARSPA New Energy Co., Ltd., which has been focusing on providing customers with the best products and services to bring clean and efficient green energy to consumers around the world, has entered the Chengyu Expressway (Chengdu-Chongqing), huchuan (Shanghai-Sichuan) highway network & municipal traffic monitoring system and is the key facility of the road network & municipal traffic monitoring system. Providing  safe and reliable power protection for the infrastructure's power supply system .

As we all know, many key systems and infrastructures such as highway monitoring &municipal traffic monitoring systems,signal communication systems, data transmission equipment, and toll collection systems are all the first level loads. The CARSPA expert team conducted in-depth high-speed on-site surveys, and according to the load demand description of the site, centralized sine wave inverter power supply for the highway monitoring center. The voltage regulation, frequency stabilization and high anti-harmonic interference capability ensure high quality power supply; the average time between failures is long, the failure rate is low, and the reliability is strong.

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